In the name of God

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Everyone thinks of God. We all have our beliefs and worship the same eternity with different names. In many cultures people start something new after taking His name. So I will do the same. I took his name in the topic and the previous lines. But I must not forget that I am living in a world where logic drives everyone and blind faith is sometimes harmful. We all know that science and technology has spread their respective legs almost everywhere and still we are finding reasons for many more things. I am not saying that there is everything which has been explained, but I cannot say that those “unexplained” things have no explanation.

I started with the topic of God and I walked towards the possibility of explanations. I am trying to give an explanation to the concept of  God. For a long time it has bothered me. When I was a kid I thought I may fine in some Holy place, when I grew up someone said “He is everywhere”. Well I can’t go to everywhere because I have a better life than this. So I thought I better find an explanation to give answers to my curiosity. I read many articles and texts in newspapers and other media but I must say people who try to explain this stuff they start preaching their religion or try to make wrong faith in them or God. But have somebody explained who he/she is? Big questions.

Divine God has a definition but no physical form and I guess it cannot be. Well, a better definition to this will be “the ultimate energy which drives us and everything on this earth”. But again from where such energy has come into being? Who is supplying it for free and if take something in return of this energy, what is the cost we are paying? And when I started answering these questions I found that there is nothing that supports such thing. Well if we look around we are producing the energy for a long time from the natural resources and no wire is coming through an invisible power plant. There is nothing like an eternity, everything has boundaries and limitations.

Now lets see if somethings we are missing in our own lives. We all know that few people have better thoughts than us and many of them has given direction to the general public. For example, Vivekananda, I don’t know about his personal thoughts about God but yes he was an amazing person who showed many ways to lead a better life and spread the message beyond the boundaries, he inspired a lot of lives and also helped many lives in different ways and means. He thought of what no one of his time could have thought and imagined to do. He did that. We may find a lot of examples if we look into our history but we cannot go beyond a limit in history like this; I mean I may know about Ramakrishna Paramhans inspired Vivekanand but I do’nt know who inspired him and who inspired his inspirer. Yes, if we try things like that definitely we can’t go beyond one limit. Its better to draw conclusions from the past. So many people led our lives in better directions, preached a better way to do things and some people are obviously better thinkers than us. And many people have the ability to analyze how the future is going to be; how can these big business organizations came into being? The ability of the leaders to anticipate the future, not a clear visual but a mere blur picture is sufficient to take required actions. So why to include the super-human element to the definition of God! Definitely God was human once. He anticipated the future in a better manner.

I hope I have cleared your mind that there is nothing like ultimate energy source or divine  and the possibility of super-human is also also zero. If I have to sum it up, I would say it like this; may be thousands of years ago few good men lived and anticipated the future, they pictured how things are going to be, how people will think and lead different ways of lives, so they decided to make things better and sophisticated for everyone, they made rules and regulations and also gave options so that no-one thinks of them being some dictator and obviously they did such things for the betterment of people and peaceful lives.

This also explains that “villain“. Every mythology has this bad guy who defies the good God. Oh please! Its common human nature that when we gain power and authority we do selfish things and this has been a common observation worldwide. Call it corrupt political leader or terrorists! So there must have been such bad people in that time who were powerful too and who look at things differently than the good guys and caused devastation and did bad things. The retaliations from the “God” people is what we know as the epic heavenly wars.

I read about this another theory of God. It said they were super-humans who left this earth and now we call them aliens. Possibility of aliens is not denied they are out there, somewhere but somebody “leaving their people alone and having the ability to make things right for the people” doesn’t sound like a good leader and don’t deserve to be God. So I don’t find any explanation to this theory.

I am concluding this by saying having faith is good. But don’t keep your brain blind. Its the real powerhouse. I don’t say that we should be atheist but yes know the silver lined boundaries and decide things for yourself.


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